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Indiamed Database: A database of all Indian medicinal plants used in Diabetes.
                 Phase I : Data curation.
                 Phase II : Publish a review or a report on top 10 plants.
               Flexible hours and weekly meetings
Environmental Engineering
Biological Management of Wastewater: Biotechnologically relevant bacteria database for waste and wastewater management.
                 Phase I : Comprehensive database.
                 Phase II : Laboratory work to establish the best strain needed for the action where each                   student would work on one important Bacterial Species.
Anti Stress Proteins / Proteins
Anti-Stress Protein Motifs: Astressin was shown to reduce gastric stress and at the same time promote hair growth.
                 Phase I : Make a database of active sites of the molecule.
                 Phase II : Testing molecules for better hair growth and stress reduction.
iBioperiodic Table
iBioperiodic Table: Its a website which has all the biological data related to the elements in periodic table and human body.
                 Phase I : Making a database of Biological data of the elements.
                 Phase II : Creating and testing of the website.
India has several thousands of Biotechnology and Pharma professionals pursuing careers mostly with a background of Biology. Hence, most of them have...
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