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Malnutrition is the single most serious, yet avoidable, public health problem in the world. It is an underlying cause for ~ 5 million under five deaths and stunting in 200 million children worldwide according to UNICEF’s 2010 report. One billion people are being affected by malnutrition problem worldwide.

The critical period for malnutrition is from conception to a child’s second birthday. Providing a good nutritive protein source that can meet the needs of both the infant and the mother can drastically reduce the number of maternal and infant deaths. Well-timed and –targeted nutrition interventions can save governments millions of dollars. In Niger, hit by a malnutrition crisis in 2005, it would have cost $1 a day per,
child to prevent acute malnutrition, but by July 2006 the cost of treatment had reached $480 per child, estimated the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Malnutrition reduces GDP by 3-6% percent and costs billions of dollars in lost productivity and healthcare expenses. Health and wealth of nations can be improved significantly if we can provide affordable nutritive product. Through vaccines UNICEF is saving new born. Now we have to protect them from death, stunting and other developmental disorders and disabilities by giving them nutritive products. These products will help governments to meet Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs) set by UN. UNICEF alone spends over $250 million on nutrition and related programs and member countries spend much more on malnutrition.

Therefore we propose a product range that is needed just like vaccines. The product range is targeted at pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children between 6 months to 5years, children above five years, initially. Later we will expand to cover all other age groups. Unused Fish and Spirulina are some of the most suitable sources for this purpose. Spirulina is a unique biological unicellular organism that grows in fresh water. It has 58% protein and various micronutrients needed for humans. Our goal is to produce products that are nutritive, effective and affordable to reduce millions of malnutrition deaths worldwide.
India has several thousands of Biotechnology and Pharma professionals pursuing careers mostly with a background of Biology. Hence, most of them have...
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