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Malnutrition: Biological and genetics test for detecting malnutrition. The immediate goal is to establish all the tests that are in use and the new ones to be developed.
                 Phase I : Establishing tests
                 Phase II : Laboratory work to experiment on tests.
Poshak: A comprehensive database of nutrient composition, seasonal and regional availability and cost of Indian foods was created A software program “POSHAK” was developed for the Indian food items to optimize their intake against available budget. It presents 58 nutrient parameters, obtained for the Nutritive value of Indian foods, seasonal and geographical availability of 600 Indian food items along with some selected cooked food items. It allows users to plan their daily calorie and nutrient intake based on their Body Mass Index. It is expected to create awareness among the general public on the nutrient requirements and intake, thus help in eradicating malnutrition by prescribing nutritious food within affordable budget.
                 Phase I : Work to complete the data base
                 Phase II : Field testing of the program.
India has several thousands of Biotechnology and Pharma professionals pursuing careers mostly with a background of Biology. Hence, most of them have...
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