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To contribute to society, with quality yet affordable products, IIBT Private Limited and Soothe Healthcare have joined hands as strategic partners and collaborators in the healthcare domain.

Soothe's board of Directors & Advisors are carefully constituted Leaders from diverse fields including Banking, Management & Education, Medicine, Biotechnology Research and Human Resources & CSR. Soothe Healthcare has insight of the FMCG - Healthcare market, access to capital and even funds various research projects at IIBT labs. IIBT provides Soothe with latest product innovations in biotechnology for better health care, as well as access to its R&D lab and other human resources. With its Manufacturing capabilities, Soothe helps IIBT take these innovative ideas and technologies from Prototype to Production and eventually into the market.
India has several thousands of Biotechnology and Pharma professionals pursuing careers mostly with a background of Biology. Hence, most of them have...
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