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India produces a large number of Candidates holding degrees of B.Sc., (300,000) M.Sc., (20,000) and Ph. D. (5,000) in Biotechnology related subjects (Life Sciences), annually. Several thousands of them are seeking career opportunities in the biotech industry. Most of them do not possess the practical knowledge required for an industrial job. This is due to the lack of proper facilities in the institutions they graduate from. Therefore their prospects of getting employed both in India and abroad are very less. Good hands on training by IIBT in a state of the art pilot plant scale biotech facility will enhance their ability to get employed not only in India but also abroad.
IIBT aims at imparting training through orientation programs onsite or at the institute. Using latest technologies, virtual training and providing hands-on experience on various techniques to the students, IIBT hopes to improve the knowledge and skill set of students thereby developing a pool of trained employees with transferable skills to the industry. The institute will also undertake biotech related contract services as suitable live industrial projects appropriate for the students.
India has several thousands of Biotechnology and Pharma professionals pursuing careers mostly with a background of Biology. Hence, most of them have...
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