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India has several thousands of Biotechnology and Pharma professionals pursuing careers mostly with a background of Biology. Hence, most of them have never been trained sufficiently in Mathematical and Quantitative skills to meet the challenges they face while working in the laboratories.

Mathematics and Biology go hand in hand. There is no scientific approach without mathematical intervention in experimental Biology. While working at a biology laboratory bench, one needs to be aware of a minimum essential mathematical methods and formulae that are required to perform the experiments. Right from simple scientific notations of measuring and making various solutions to designing several complex experiments involving several kinetic parameters, quantifying several biological molecules, last but not the least, summing up data after experiments for presentations, inference, conclusions (statistical evaluations) and to plan the successive steps and for experiments based on the results etc., Mathematical methods, formulae and quantitative skills are required almost in every step of the experimental Biology by students and professionals at bench.

It is possible that one might fail in experiments at a Biological laboratory bench, even if, one isn’t aptly trained in necessary Mathematical and/or Quantitative skills. Quite often, in Indian academic Institutes, we don’t come across any specific evaluation method for Biology professionals in that respect and even if any improvements are needed, there is no systematic way to judge and evaluate the standards of students and professionals.

Indian Institute of Biotechnology Private Limited provides Evaluation of Life science professionals in that respect by offering LAB MATH COMPETENCY TEST Followed by a QUALIFYING CERTIFICATE (Upon Qualifying). The Curriculum follows a Universal nature in its Standards and the Questions have been set accordingly.

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Question Paper Design
We are going to have 2 different sets of tests for Biotechnology and Pharmacology in the near future.  
No. Of. Questions: 60
Duration: 180 minutes (Three hours)
General Instructions
Answering the questions does require the person taking the test to do calculations and mostly enter the numeric answer in the format that is asked at the end of each question.
Candidates are encouraged and are free to use excel sheets or calculators.
The multiple choice type of answering is deliberately minimized to the least. This is basically to eliminate and/or discourage people to guess the answers.
This test has been designed to evaluate the laboratory mathematical skills of Pharma, biotech and life science professionals.
Evaluation: Those securing 75% and above are considered proficient. (Candidates would be evaluated for the direct score, rather than a percentile
Who can take up the Lab Math Competency Test?
ll the students pursuing/Qualified in 60 different courses in life sciences and Pharma (M.Sc, B.Tech, M.Tech) .
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Life science professionals in academia or industry who needs to be assessed on their mathematical and quantitative skills. As a base line test to assess a candidate if he/she should be subjected to further training for the betterment in their laboratory performance.
Qualified Candidates can gain confidence from the companies they are employed with and those who fail to get qualified, can be subjected to training and improve themselves. In both these regards, our LAB MATH COMPETENCY TEST is highly supportive
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